Care Instructions

 How to Care For Your 

Treat me gently. While you might like the rough stuff, I don’t!

Most of downundergear’s unique fabrics do not take kindly to chemicals such as Chlorine,

 Sunscreen, Harsh Detergents, Salt Water or abrasive conditions such as screwing around on the sand.

If you must wear or use me in situations where these potential hazards exist make sure you rinse me in

 cold water when the action is over or hand wash me gently in a MILD detergent. Hang me or lay me

 flat to dry in the shade and DEFINITELY not throw me in the washing machine or dryer. 

Better still, just take me off before the action begins, after all that’s what I’m designed for.

Most of all enjoy wearing me.

From the Team @ ‘downundergear

The Sexiest Undergear you’ll ever wear.

Designed to be Taken Off!