What are the most important elements in choosing gay men’s underwear?
    • It has to make you look sexy and feel great.
    • It needs to be comfortable and fit properly.

    Many other brands sacrifice comfort for style.

    • You can have both.
    • Poorly designed, ill fitting, boring underwear is a definite turnoff!
    • You can get sexy, stylish, profile enhancing and comfortable in the same garment.

    The biggest mistake is thinking your underwear doesn’t matter!

    • Ever been caught out, with your trou down, by that unexpected encounter?
    • Always make sure you’re wearing the best. You just never know!


    Briefs are set to make are big come-back!


    It has been, for some time now, that the classic Boxer style (and all its variations) has been first and foremost to grab out of your underwear drawer – nothing wrong with that, but maybe it’s time to have that encounter in briefs! And, I’m not talking about the type that covers your navel and squeezes those ‘Butt Cheeks’ into a ‘Bubble Sandwich’!

    Of course , personal preference is usually the main deciding factor as to the style purchased, but the Brief and it’s close brother, the Semi-Boxer Brief (we’ll talk about this next month) should not be overlooked. They should, of course, be low lo-rise and narrow sided – just enough cover to tantalize and tempt, just enough show, to let others know. So, less cover, but great support!

    When purchasing your most intimate item of apparel you also need to consider just what it is you’re wearing them with and also your natural body shape. That’s if you’re not just wearing them on their own – the perfect way to go and the next best thing to ‘commando’!

    With today’s slim fitting body hugging Jeans and Trou’ there’s nothing worse than the ‘Ride Up’ of those legs on a Boxer Style, be they loose or fitting. That bunched-up rumpled look and feel, not only on the inside but the ‘show’ on the outside as well – a dead give-away as to what you’re wearing down there. This coupled with the fact that when you’re ‘active’ in those firm fitting trou’ this can make your underwear ride-up your crack as well – not what you’re looking for to invade that area!


    Be sure to analyze the reason why you’re buying a particular style.


    Briefs not only provide a high level of support for your boys but if the pouch has been cut with an anatomically correct shape, (one that fits the contour of your package) then it will enhance your manhood as well.

    The waist should fit firmly enough to just keep your underwear in place, - too tight and you’re in danger of giving yourself bulges in certain places of the type you neither need nor want!

    And of course, because the legs on a pair of briefs are elasticized it will ensure that they stay in the place they are designed to – providing the original leg-line has been cut to your body contours.

    This elasticizing should be of rubber and tunneled, a design feature that ensures your comfort and reduces the outer ‘leg-line’ show, also showing those upper thighs to their maximum potential.

    Yes, while those boxers provide you with that little extra warmth for winter, briefs are just that much cooler for summer. Remember summer’s all about spontaneity and getting it on to get it off – so, go a little ‘spare’ down there this summer.

    Yes, briefs these days come in a vast array of style variations as well, providing an exciting number of styles from which to choose that will tantalize the taste buds eg: downundergear’s Brazilian-Cut Brief – U James, with it’s micro cut sides, seductively tapering ‘V’ front waistline and that, oh so cheeky, higher cut of rear leg-line that shows just the right amount of those lower butt cheeks, while its narrow, unobtrusive, tunneled rubber waist and legs ensures that your ‘junk’ stays just where its ‘sposed to! 


    Gone are the days when briefs were considered ‘tighty whiteys’. Now they’re more fashionable and  sexy than ever, available in a wide range of style variations, prints and colours, fusing style with comfort, set to knock those boxers of their perch and create an explosion downunder Make sure Briefs are included in your ‘undie drawer’ collection, so that when the time comes for getting out in the gayborhood  to show what you hiding down below you can make the choice and have a Brief Affair.    




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