• Sexy Gay Mens Underwear


    (Apart from your Package)

    • First and foremost at downundergear, the home of gay men’s underwear, we have a passion about sexy underwear with a difference, and want every gay guy to look and feel great and to get just what he’s out for.

    • Our designer (yes, that’s me) has years of experience in anatomical profiles of the ‘area’ we are covering (just), and we all know the vast array of shapes and sizes that can encompass! However study of the vital area alone does not good underwear make. It also takes skill and knowledge to engineer a style to give you the correct shape and size, to accommodate all. I have used various tricks and techniques to give support and enhancement when and where it’s wanted and when it’s needed, without the constriction so often found in ill fitting, badly cut and made underwear. Dare I say it – a bit like the engineering that goes into a bra cup really. Don’t get your nipples in a knot over that though, I’m sure you get the analogy.
    • We are constantly researching and wear testing various techniques and new innovative ways of enhancing your package. And yes, wear testing is a big part of the job and although it might sound exciting it also actually is exciting. As I am writing this I’m wear testing a pair of our latest semi boxer briefs.

    • We also put a lot of research into the fit of the rest of the garment that covers your upper thigh area, arse, groin (that’s actually the gutter area beside your ball bag) and of course the lower abs area.
    • Then we bring on board our fabric technician (no that’s not me) to work with our design team to source the right fabrics for the job. Careful consideration is given to the construction and inherent stretch factor as well as the weight (we do not use inferior fabrics) of the fabric. This means that the fabric will ‘give’ with you at those times when you need it most and we really hope you need it. All our fabrics contain a high proportion of lycra, spandex or elastane to ensure the ultimate in stretch recovery and enhanced support without constriction of your junk.
    • When it comes to colour and print selection - WOW - you can imagine what sort of fun this is. For our current Party Animal Collection it was all about fun, funk and colour for those beach and pool party styles. Then glitz and glam, shimmer and sparkle for the Gay Pride Festivals, nightclub and special occasion styles.
    • Now to the construction. For downundergear we want to provide a well constructed garment that will rise to the occasion. So we sent our garment construction expert in search of a local manufacturer. We wanted to fulfill several important philosophies.
    1. To be true to our name – downundergear. Made down here for you down there.
    2. To provide local people with employment. Yes this is much more expensive than producing in the ‘East’ but NZ workers have the protection of stringent labour and safety laws.
    3. We are able to control all areas of manufacture ensuring the highest quality.
    • Lastly we pack out of our own facility, ensuring the final checks are made before we send out your precious package.
    • We are proud supporters of the NZ Aids Foundation and their LYC (Love Your Condom) campaign and are just as passionate about your health and welfare as we are about your underwear so, EVERY one of our Bottoms come with a complementary condom and lube sachet
    So we hope this gives you some insight into the trunks for your junk, and just what we do to help show off your stuff. There is a lot of competition out there in the ‘Gay Scene and we want ‘heads’ to turn when you strut your stuff. We know our styles will maximize the profile of your bulge and increase your pulling power. 


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