Tired of that sloppy, dowdy image - In your mind?

                                                                - In reality?

    You know that image: 

     Boring, tired and decidedly unsightly underwear, with a saggy butt, worn-out fly and sloppy elastic! When this image is exposed from under sexy jeans or smart suit trou, eroticism and desire DIE! It could be , unfortunately, that the person of your desires hasn't even realized the problem exists


    Perhaps ask yourself - could this be me?!

    What am I talking about?

    What a guy looks like in his underwear, often donned for comfort reasons, has, for a long time not been regarded by many, as a high priority item of fashion and image.
    This graying, grungy look does nothing but present a guy's best assets as an anti-climax! Yet it is a guy's underwear that has the ability to show off his most prized possession to its biggest advantage!
    Experience has shown that the packaging is almost as important as the package.
    Men's underwear has evolved from dowdy to desirable and downright sexy, with a plethora of styles, fabrics and truly innovative ideas that enhance, support and deliver up inspiring and stimulating images for both the wearer and the viewer.
    What was once an item of simple necessity is now, an attractive package enhancing, all important, item for the top drawer.
    Never before has the vast array of styles been more varied or better tailored. From looks of casual innocence to looks of sheer and total exposure designed to meet he needs of its wearer and the eye of the beholder, underwear has come a long way!
    So, if the words ghastly and grotty come to mind when thinking if your underwear, or indeed somebody else's for that matter, it sounds like you, or maybe that someone else, need an undie upgrade.
    Downundergear can help you there.
    To gain a greater insight into our collection, and what it's all about, read our 'ABOUT' page, http://downundergear.co.nz/pages/about-us          
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    The Sexiest Undergear you'll ever wear
    Designed to be taken off !    
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