What are the most important elements in choosing gay men’s underwear? It has to make you look sexy and feel great. It needs to be comfortable and fit properly. Many other brands sacrifice comfort for style. You can have both. Poorly designed, ill fitting, boring underwear is a definite turnoff! You can get sexy, stylish, profile enhancing and comfortable in the same garment. The biggest mistake is thinking your underwear doesn’t matter! Ever been caught out, with your trou down, by that unexpected encounter? Always make sure you’re wearing the best. You just never know!   Briefs are set to...

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  • Sexy Gay Mens Underwear

    WHAT GOES INTO YOUR UNDERWEAR ? (Apart from your Package) First and foremost at downundergear, the home of gay men’s underwear, we have a passion about sexy underwear with a difference, and want every gay guy to look and feel great and to get just what he’s out for. Our designer (yes, that’s me) has years of experience in anatomical profiles of the ‘area’ we are covering (just), and we all know the vast array of shapes and sizes that can encompass! However study of the vital area alone does not good underwear make. It also takes skill and knowledge...

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    Tired of that sloppy, dowdy image - In your mind?                                                             - In reality? You know that image:   Boring, tired and decidedly unsightly underwear, with a saggy butt, worn-out fly and sloppy elastic! When this image is exposed from under sexy jeans or smart suit trou, eroticism and desire DIE! It could be , unfortunately, that the person of your desires hasn't even realized the problem exists OR:  Perhaps ask yourself - could...

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